I’m the New Morning Show CoHost On V101!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

How dare I not update my site for awhile and not let you know what’s going on! My bad!

Life has been BUSY! Not just busy, but very productive and I’m SO happy! As you know, I’ve worked in radio for years! I’ve been on my grind to shine and everything is finally paying off.

I have a new job! Woop woop! I’m now the Morning Show Co-host on V101! It’s a throwback hip hop and R&B station in Sacramento, so I moved from Los Angeles AND still get to do what I love. And you know I’m ALL about the #CapriceClassics so to work at a throwback station is perfect.

I started my new gig in July and I’m now on-air everyday 5:30am-10:am with Pacey Williams. You can listen at www.V1011fm.com or download the free iHeart radio app on your phone and listen wherever. Follow us on our social media for all of the updates!

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My radio journey continues so come along for the ride!!!

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Hang Out With Me on 99.1 KGGI!!!

Ashley Caprice KGGI So…I’m going to be on the radioooo!!!! Wooohhh!! Catch me on weekends at 99.1 KGGI starting this Saturday from 6p-10p, and Sunday 12p-4p!

The GRIND to SHINE has been real, but I love it! I’ve learned so many lessons on this journey and I must say, I’m proud of myself. Prayer, Practice, Persistence, and Patience (still working on that part lol) pays off!

Believe in yourself and KNOW that you can accomplish ANY goal that you set for yourself.

I’ve been on college, internet, and HD radio, but now you can hear me on the FM dial!!! If you’re in the IE area (and some parts of Los Angeles) you should be able to hear 99.1 KGGI clearly. If not, download the FREE iHeart Radio app and listen in! I can’t wait to chat with you this weekend!

I’ve been learning and grinding from behind the scenes, but now I’m moving to the front and there’s no turning back now! I’ve been in this industry for years but I feel like I’m JUST getting started! Woooooooo!

Keep up with me and say what’s up!

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“I can’t live without my radio!” – LL Cool J

Rejection is God’s Protection

rejectionWe made it! It’s a new year! It’s a new day!  The first Monday of the new year!

How are you feeling? Great right! Let me guess: new year, new you? Every day is a new you and another chance to get it right.

Did you happen to look back at last year and think that some of your goals did not come true? Maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted, or didn’t find the love you were longing for. It’s okay. Don’t sweat it.

Think of it this way, rejection is God’s protection.

Think again. Everything that you wanted last year that you did not obtain might be preparing you for something bigger and better. The rejection might have taught you lessons such as patience and trusting the process. Or taught you to relax. Or taught you that God’s time is the right time. So don’t rush it; trust it. Apply those lessons to your life this year and watch God show up and show out! 😉

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#MotivationMonday: Treat YOURSELF The Way You Want To be Treated

respect yourselfI watched The Secret recently and heard the quote: Treat YOURSELF the way you want to be treated by others.

Sounds simple right? Here’s the problem. So many people depend on others to make them happy or to feel good about themselves that they forget that everything they need to live a fulfilling life is right on the inside of them.

You want people to respect you? Respect yourself! Respect your body. Respect your mind. Respect your spirit. You will then attract others who see how well you respect yourself and they will, in turn, respect you.

You want people to love you? In almost every relationship article, the author states that you must love yourself first before others will love you. Very true!

You want people to be positive around you? To forgive you? To believe in you? To trust you? To think highly of you? Then you must believe all of these things to be true about  yourself first. You attract what you are.

You can treat yourself better by saying positive affirmations, daily. I mentioned some examples in a previous post and I believe they will help you in your quest to be a better you.

Remember, someone else can’t do for you what you can’t do for yourself. Now go out there and be great to yourself, and others!

Stop the Madness!

It was over a month ago when unarmed teen, Michael Brown, was shot and killed by a cop in Ferguson, Mo.  Justice still hasn’t been served. The story prompted my mom to write the following poem.



It’s Time To Stop The Violent Aggression

Tormentin’ Our Nation With Your Sick Obsession

Too Many Centuries You Have Devalued Our Life

With Undue Killings Causin’ Us Strife


Why Do You Continue To Treat Us This Way?

Thinkin’ So Little Of Abusin’ Us Each Day

Police Brutality Runnin’ Rampant In The Streets

As If Beatin’ Us Is Some Warranted Treat


We Pay Taxes To Have You Serve And Protect

Instead You Constantly Show Us Disrespect

Innocent Lives Lost Too Early On A Daily Basis

Mostly By Burly Guys Who Are Proven Racists


You Come With Guns Cocked And Taser In Hand

Lyin’ On Us To Justify Your Commands

As We Witness Others From Another Race

Who Can Get Away With Murder Right In Your Face


Callin’ Us Lazy And Blamin’ Us For Gettin’ High

We Took Care Of Your Babies And Helped You Survive

It’s Okay When You Decide To Sell or Legalize Pot

As Long As Our Men Stay Locked Up In Jail To Rot


We Don’t All Look Alike Nor All Act The Same

And We Don’t Like Bein’ Made To Feel Ashamed

You Place More Concern On Someone’s Pet

While Our Families Grieve From Your Neglect


We Are Someone’s Father, Husband, Son, Or Brother

Or Someone’s Wife, Daughter, Sister, Or Mother

We Are Your Neighbors, Peers, Classmates And Friends

We Deserve To Love, Work And Live To The End


We Want To Have The Same Liberties As You

Given Opportunities To Reach Our Goals Like You Do

Not Bein’ Followed, Chased And Considered Suspicious

While Our Purchases Are Responsible For Your Riches


We Want Our Chance To Overcome Some Day

Without You Stoppin’ Or Blockin’ Our Way

Our Families Are As Important To Us As Yours

Even If For Them We Have To Struggle More


It’s Time To Treat Us Like Human Beings

Stop The Madness And Quit Bein’ So Mean

Let’s Rise Above And With Love Heal Our Nation

Put An End To All Hatred, Torment And Frustrations


I Believe There Is Hope If We All Would Try

To Embrace Our Differences And Comply

To The Golden Rule And The Constitution

To Do Unto Others Without Revolution


Cynthia Thompson

don't shoot

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

happinessToday’s Meditation: We are here to enjoy. I embody happiness and vitality.

MESSAGE: Expanding Your Happiness. It is natural to express our joys, and to share our happiness with others. As adults we have learned to be more guarded with expressing our emotions, even our positive ones, and this has the effect of limiting the positive influence of our happiness in our lives. We need to give ourselves permission to be, to live, and feel life as we are.

From me to you: The past few meditations (love, wholeness, hope) were more about internal awareness and growth.  Today’s meditation is more about external happiness. Show your joy. Express your feelings and let others know how joyful you are with them in your life.

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