I Danced at the Sacramento Kings Halftime Show with the #HundredsUnit!

What an experience! This past Monday I had an opportunity to dance with the #HundredsUnit at the Sacramento Kings game halftime show! The Hundreds Unit is a network of women committed to creating an environment that is supportive, inspiring and fun. I, along with others, left the performance feeling confident, proud, accomplished and empowered. We built a sisterhood and encouraged each other at every rehearsal. We helped each other with the choreography so that no one was left behind. We were a UNIT!  No matter your age, size, background or capability, YOU can be a part of this amazing movement. See our performance below:

The Founder and instructor, Venetia James, came to V101 to talk to us about how she inspires women through dance and how you can become a part of the Hundreds Unit!



I’m the New Morning Show CoHost On V101!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

How dare I not update my site for awhile and not let you know what’s going on! My bad!

Life has been BUSY! Not just busy, but very productive and I’m SO happy! As you know, I’ve worked in radio for years! I’ve been on my grind to shine and everything is finally paying off.

I have a new job! Woop woop! I’m now the Morning Show Co-host on V101! It’s a throwback hip hop and R&B station in Sacramento, so I moved from Los Angeles AND still get to do what I love. And you know I’m ALL about the #CapriceClassics so to work at a throwback station is perfect.

I started my new gig in July and I’m now on-air everyday 5:30am-10:am with Pacey Williams. You can listen at www.V1011fm.com or download the free iHeart radio app on your phone and listen wherever. Follow us on our social media for all of the updates!

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My radio journey continues so come along for the ride!!!

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Shelley Mechette’ Talks The PowHERful Woman’s Conference

powHerful woman 1Shelley Mechette’ is a Motivational Speaker and the Founder of The PowHERful Woman’s Conference taking place on March 19th  at the Antioch Church of God in Long Beach.

The 1-day conference is designed to empower, encourage and uplift women from all walks of life. Keynote speakers range from business owners to life coaches who will discuss balancing life and career, self-esteem, and how to value YOU.

When it comes to everyday things women can do to come together, Shelley says, “The first thing that we need to be able to do is respect one another.” Very true!

Listen in to the interview on what else you can expect from The PowHERful Woman’s Conference:

Buy your tickets now at www.ThePowHERfulWoman.eventbrite.com!’

powHerful woman 2

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How to Be a Girl Camp

How to Be a Girl...

I had the honor of helping Josefa Salinas, Community Affairs Director for Hot 92.3, with her annual How to Be a Girl Camp. Me and a few others stayed overnight at California State University, San Bernardino, for 4 days and 3 nights to help counsel, guide and mentor over 30 girls ages 11-17, to become young ladies. We were up at 6am and had activities lined up until 10pm. We all came together to take the young women through everything they need to know to be confident, well put together and ready to present themselves to the world.

The camp included classes on health, finance, personal development and life skills! The girls tackled visual poise, public speaking, personal finance, healthy relationships, hair, makeup, wardrobe and the ultimate class: Girl 101 and much more!

This isn’t the first time I’ve helped with the How to Be a Girl Camp and it will not be the last. It was such a rewarding experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I urge everyone to get involved in their community and help guide young children. What ever knowledge you pass on to one child can be passed on from them to another child. Each one teach one!

Ashley Caprice Presents Community Spotlight: #HashtagLunchbag

When I was younger my mother would take me with her to feed the homeless on the streets or during the holidays with the Salvation Army. So when I heard about #HashtagLunchbag,  a movement dedicated to utilizing social media to bring awareness to and eliminate hunger needs in local communities, I had to get involved.

I spoke with the founders of HashtagLunchbag, Ajay Relan and Felicia Alston, whose mission is to inspire others to come together and join them in their efforts; and people are doing just that. Locals in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Vancouver, and other cities have already participated in this ongoing movement and the volunteers document the process on their social networks . This is proof that social media can be used to inspire other people to give back.

Tune in to the interview below where the founders open up about what inspired #hashtaglunchbag and how you can get involved.

“small actions mixed with lots of people can empower a BIG CHANGE.”

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