Go Girl Ep 23: How To Cope And Stay Balanced During Life Transitions Ft. Life Coach, Anita K

Have you been transitioning lately?

Lost a job or figuring out a new career? Left a relationship or entering marriage? Pregnant or just had a baby?

Good transitions or bad, there’s always a way to cope and find balance. By the way, there are no “bad” life transitions. There may be uncomfortable moments or seasons but it’s all to propel you to the next level.

I was excited to have Girl Talk with Life Coach and Author of “Behaving Bravely,” Anita K. She breaks down her book, how to navigate through life while going through a transition, and explained solutions to living your best life!

Listen in to how she turned her limited beliefs to “Benevoliefs” — beneficial beliefs.

Plus I’ll give this week’s affirmation, celebration and  music motivation.

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The Go Girl with Ashley Caprice podcast aims to motivate, inspire and empower women!  Each episode focuses on affirmations, music motivation, girl talk and girl power. Be sure to subscribe!


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