The Go Girl Guidebook: A Woman’s Interactive Guide to Self-Love is Here!


If you’ve been listening to each episode of my Go Girl Podcast then you know I took a break for a few weeks so that I could focus on other projects.

Well one project is done! I’m super excited to release the “Go Girl Guidebook: A Woman’s Interactive Guide to Self-Love” now available on Amazon!

Self love is the best love! ❤️ It’s time to get right mentally, physically, financially and spiritually! It’s time to have a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

This interactive workbook is designed to help you explore ways to love yourself more and get your power back so that you can TRULY live your best life!!! #GoGirl💕

Please let me know which chapter resonates with you and I would love for you to leave a review on Amazon!

I’ll be back with the podcast soon. I’m still acting and getting more things in order. Until then, please order the book and tell a friend! ❤

The story of how the guidebook came about:

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