I Am Whole.

wholeToday’s meditation: Feeling complete. “I am whole.”

MESSAGE: The feeling of completion is an important part of inner happiness. Feeling complete means we feel whole. We know that we do not lack anything. We have everything we need within us; we are everything we need. The awareness of wholeness is the key to feeling complete, because it is the awakening of self-knowledge that provides the feeling of wholeness and the feeling of quiet joy that accompanies. As we learn to live life from this state of wholeness, we begin to enjoy everything with ease, grace, and delight.

From me to you: A lot of people depend on others for them to feel complete. Some people don’t feel complete unless they’re in a relationship, reach a certain status, or obtain some form of power. Feeling complete begins with you. As you become more aware of who you are and know how to be happy and content with yourself, then you will live more freely.  Learn to feel whole and complete even if you are physically by yourself. Surround yourself with peace, love, and happiness so that it brings the joy out of you.

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Hope Changes Everything.

HOpeToday’s meditation: I am all possibilities. Hope lights my path.

MESSAGE: Hope is a key spiritual component of our joyful self. True hope ties our individuality to the cosmos, giving us the guidance and support to move toward our hopes and dreams. We feel happy when our love grows and our territory of influence expands, and hope is the leading edge of this expansion.

From me to you: All of us hope for something. We hope for good health, wealth, love, more money, a better job, and whatever else. Having a sense of hope means you are excited and optimistic about your future. A feeling of hope quiets negative thoughts. So today, and everyday, hope for the best in all things. Hope that you achieve all of your goals. Hope that your future is as bright as you dream it to be. Stay hopeful!

What are you hopeful for?

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Relax. Don’t Take Life So Seriously!

dancingDay two in the 21 Day Meditation Experience.

Today’s meditation: I Am Playful.

MESSAGE: Expressing our playful nature is a valuable way to stay creative, receptive, and revitalized. When we have fun, we are dancing and singing along with the story of our life. We find our hearts, minds and bodies are lighter and happier. Play time not only makes us feel better, it spiritually rejuvenates us as well. Today’s meditation allows us to bring in a sense of fun and joy in our lives. Let the child in you go out and play.

From me to you: Being playful is very important. Tell a joke. Laugh at a joke. Skip. Yes, I said skip, lol. Tap someone from behind and act like you didn’t do it. Yes, some of these things may sound childish but it’s okay to unleash the silly side of you sometimes. Don’t take life so seriously. Lighten up. Shake off the negativity. Having a playful nature calms down troubling thoughts, makes you more at ease and less worried.  Take matters lightly and you will be able to tackle them with a more sound mind. So be alive and lively! Put on some music and dance like no one is watching. Sing at the top of your lungs. Have fun!

In the comments section, list more ways to be playful!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~George Bernard Shaw

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I Am Love.

i-am-loveThis morning I woke up wanting to tell everyone that I love them! I feel very joyful and happy. Why? Because of meditation. I used to meditate frequently, but slowed down a bit. Well Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra have put together a free, 21 day meditation experience. You should register HERE.   I started late so I will be doing 18 days, (I’m working on my procrastination lol). I will take you on the journey with me.

How I meditate: I typically sit in an Indian style position, close my eyes, breathe deeply, repeat a mantra silently. Sometimes I listen to Moments in Love by Art of Noise while meditating and sometimes I sit silently. I urge you to register in the 21 day Meditation Experience so you can better understand how to practice the meditation process.

Why you should meditate: Meditation makes me relax. Makes me stress free. Makes me happy and more upbeat. I believe the same will be true for you. Meditation slows your thoughts down, centers you, and makes you feel at peace. The process will bring clarity, emotional positivity and calmness.

Today’s meditation: “I am Love.”

MESSAGE: Today’s meditations will show you that love is our joyful spiritual center.  We don’t need to go anywhere to find love. We are our own source of joyful love. This is love that never fades. If we look for love around us we are assuming we lack love, and that we can find it in another person. Bring a full loving heart wherever you go.

From me to you: Once you love yourself and exude love, you will attract love.  Once you love yourself, you no longer have to look for it because it’s within you. So many people look for love in someone else, or look for others to love them, but it begins with you.   People always say, “You have to love yourself before you love someone else.” Wise words. If you depend on someone else for love and happiness then what happens if the person leaves your life? Do you no longer have love and happiness? So meditate and understand that YOU are love!

“Prayer is you speaking to God while meditation is the process of God speaking to you.”

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But That’s None of My Business Though…

kermitSo “Kermit the frog” has been ripping people apart on Instagram. He’s been spilling all of the tea, but then saying “That’s none of my business though.” I remember when he was just an innocent Muppet and now he’s turned into a shady muppet, right?

The Memes are funny, but the part I agree with most is the line, “That’s none of my business though.” The same could be applied to life. Like how I did that? 😉

So many people become consumed with what someone else is doing, or how far someone else has gone in their career endeavors, but that should be NONE of your business. Everyone has a different story. One day, you will be sitting on top of the world and someone else may look up to you and wonder, “well how did he/she get there?” We all have a journey.

Focus on you and your efforts and watch yourself succeed. Competition and comparison will cloud your judgement. You will assume you aren’t doing enough, you will assume the other person was lucky, or you will assume that you will never make it as far.


Create your own lane and stay positive while accomplishing your goals. The time you’re wasting worrying about the next person is the same time you could spend perfecting your own craft. Besides, it’s “None of your business” what the next person is doing.  Now go out there and be great!

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One Word with Two Letters Can Change Your Entire Life

As women, we tend to have a caring, nurturing heart. We’re so sweet and always willing to give a helping hand. We go out of our way for others without thinking twice and ultimately spread ourselves thin. Overall, we do way too much and sometimes get little to nothing in return.

But there comes a time where you have to say that one word that could give you more “me” time, less stress, and more energy towards your own priorities. A simple word with only two little letters that’s so hard for a lot of people to say, but can benefit you in the long run–NO. We need to learn to say No like we were Beyoncé backup singers, I mean, a part of Destiny’s Child, “No, No, No!”


As I’m getting older, and having enough responsibilities of my own, I’m learning that I need to implement “no” into my vocabulary a little bit more. Sometimes we go above and beyond for our family, friends, and coworkers. Sometimes we don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings so we put our own feelings aside and say yes to something we would have preferred to say no to. Sometimes it gets to the point where people start expecting our “yes” and are highly disappointed when you hit them with a curve ball and say, “no.”

Saying no can alleviate a lot of stress and worry because we need to learn to stop making someone else’s problems our problems. We need to stop worrying about what someone would think when we say no. We need to learn to put our feelings and needs first.

I remember watching an episode of Girlfriends and yelling at the screen, “Yaaaasss!!!” because I could totally identify with Joan’s character (for more reasons than one). But on this particular episode, Joan went to a therapist and she had the following conversation:

Joan: “How do I keep people from walking all over me?

Therapist: Learn to say No.

Joan: If I say no, then they’re going to hate me.

Therapist: Until you learn to say no, you’re going to keep lying to yourself.

Joan realized she was an enabler and her saying “Yes” to others was actually making her say “No” to herself. Once she learned the magical word, “no” she ended up having more time for herself. She was more confident because she stood up for herself and not let people depend on her so much. She gained respect and people were no longer willing to walk all over her. We always want to be a good friend, sister, lover, or mother but need to know when we take on someone else’s responsibilities then we are actually saying No to ourselves. Enough is enough.

In essence, most of us want to be there for others and that’s totally okay. But if you think you will be inconvenienced in a major way by saying “yes” then just say no. Or you can say, “That doesn’t work for me” or “Let me think about it” if you’re unsure about your decision. It’s the same people that we say yes to all of the time who would trip when we say no; let them trip. They will get over it. They will find another way and you will still have your dignity.

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