I Am Love.

i-am-loveThis morning I woke up wanting to tell everyone that I love them! I feel very joyful and happy. Why? Because of meditation. I used to meditate frequently, but slowed down a bit. Well Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra have put together a free, 21 day meditation experience. You should register HERE.   I started late so I will be doing 18 days, (I’m working on my procrastination lol). I will take you on the journey with me.

How I meditate: I typically sit in an Indian style position, close my eyes, breathe deeply, repeat a mantra silently. Sometimes I listen to Moments in Love by Art of Noise while meditating and sometimes I sit silently. I urge you to register in the 21 day Meditation Experience so you can better understand how to practice the meditation process.

Why you should meditate: Meditation makes me relax. Makes me stress free. Makes me happy and more upbeat. I believe the same will be true for you. Meditation slows your thoughts down, centers you, and makes you feel at peace. The process will bring clarity, emotional positivity and calmness.

Today’s meditation: “I am Love.”

MESSAGE: Today’s meditations will show you that love is our joyful spiritual center.  We don’t need to go anywhere to find love. We are our own source of joyful love. This is love that never fades. If we look for love around us we are assuming we lack love, and that we can find it in another person. Bring a full loving heart wherever you go.

From me to you: Once you love yourself and exude love, you will attract love.  Once you love yourself, you no longer have to look for it because it’s within you. So many people look for love in someone else, or look for others to love them, but it begins with you.   People always say, “You have to love yourself before you love someone else.” Wise words. If you depend on someone else for love and happiness then what happens if the person leaves your life? Do you no longer have love and happiness? So meditate and understand that YOU are love!

“Prayer is you speaking to God while meditation is the process of God speaking to you.”

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