But That’s None of My Business Though…

kermitSo “Kermit the frog” has been ripping people apart on Instagram. He’s been spilling all of the tea, but then saying “That’s none of my business though.” I remember when he was just an innocent Muppet and now he’s turned into a shady muppet, right?

The Memes are funny, but the part I agree with most is the line, “That’s none of my business though.” The same could be applied to life. Like how I did that? 😉

So many people become consumed with what someone else is doing, or how far someone else has gone in their career endeavors, but that should be NONE of your business. Everyone has a different story. One day, you will be sitting on top of the world and someone else may look up to you and wonder, “well how did he/she get there?” We all have a journey.

Focus on you and your efforts and watch yourself succeed. Competition and comparison will cloud your judgement. You will assume you aren’t doing enough, you will assume the other person was lucky, or you will assume that you will never make it as far.


Create your own lane and stay positive while accomplishing your goals. The time you’re wasting worrying about the next person is the same time you could spend perfecting your own craft. Besides, it’s “None of your business” what the next person is doing.  Now go out there and be great!

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