Go Girl Ep 24: Giving Props To Women In Hip Hop Ft. Yo-Yo, J.J. Fad, ill Camille and More!

Women deserve more respect!

Women always have to prove themselves. Especially in hip hop.

Jermaine Dupri was featured on People and was asked, who is his favorite female rapper? He said he feels like female artists rap about the same things and it sounds like strippers rapping. Sigh. How degrading. And it’s just anther double standard. Men rap about the same thing all of the time. Let women do what they want!

Working in radio, I noticed that there weren’t that many women getting their shine so I created “Props to Women In Hip Hop” years ago. I might bring it back!

Listen in to this week’s episode where I took clips from my interview with Yo-Yo, J.J. Fad, Toni Monroe, ill Camille and Jayy Starr.  We being a woman in music and the reasons why it’s more difficult to navigate through this male-dominated industry!

Plus I’ll give this week’s affirmation, celebration and music motivation.

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The Go Girl with Ashley Caprice podcast aims to motivate, inspire and empower women!  Each episode focuses on affirmations, music motivation, girl talk and girl power. Be sure to subscribe!

One comment

  1. I think it’s a great idea to bring back Props to Women in Hip Hop, but Props to women in general. Props to the women in entertainment who had to overcome adversity in the industry. We all know the challenges women have to face… unfortunately, we have to wake up like this. Sigh.
    Yoyo is right, NOW THE GUYS ARE GIRLS!!!

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