Conversations With Caprice: Toni Monroe

I went to the MC Hammer concert the other night (yes, he still performs…I guess he’s too legit to quit 😉 ) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I was very impressed with an opening act who goes by the name of Toni Monroe.

The West Coast hip hop artist took the stage and she OWNED it. She didn’t need any hype men and her laidback yet hardcore flow kept me engaged.  Her confidence, rhyming skills,  and energy is refreshing to see considering the stereotypes of female MCs in the music industry.   Lady of Rage even mentioned Toni Monroe as one of her top 3 female MCs.

Toni Monroe will open for Lil’ Kim on June 13 at the Key Club:

I got to chat with Toni Monroe about the challenges of being a female hip hop artist, the interesting story in how her career started and more. In her track “I’mma Be Okay” she says, “I do what I Want, you only wish you could” and it’s the truth. She stays true to who she is and doesn’t plan on changing for anyone. Check out the full interview below:

She reps hard for the West Coast! Check out her video for “WC”

Twitter: Toni Monroe

Facebook: Toni Monroe

~Ashley Caprice

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