iLL Camille Talks Being a Female MC, Her Upcoming Project Illustrated B-Sides + MORE! (Part 1)

ill camille and Ashley Caprice 1I’ve been hearing about West Coast hip hop artist iLL Camille for years and finally got a chance to chop it up with her about her upcoming project, “Illustrated (B-Sides)” which is the follow-up to her mixtape, “Illustrated.”  She opened up about the inspiration behind making this project, and what she would like her audience to take away from it after they listen.

Of course we talked about her being a female MC in a male-dominated industry and she says,”When I have bars you try to tone  it down, when women are overly sexual you don’t respect them for their lyricism, when their over lyrical you don’t think of them as attractive or appealing to the masses….the right thing is me being who I am.”

Take a listen to part 1 of the interview and stay tuned for part 2 coming up tomorrow!

Here’s the track I was bumping… “Live it Up”

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