Giving Props to WOMEN in Hip Hop!

Women hip hop collageI’ve worked in the radio industry for about a decade now. That means I’ve studied music, talked about music, blogged about music, danced to music, argued about music, listened to SO much music, it’s obvious, I love music. And as you know, I’m a woman. Duh. So in my career journey, I’ve always wanted more for women! Often times, I’ve wondered, why aren’t there more women on our concert lineups? Why aren’t we airing more music from women on the radio station? Where are the women??? Truth of the matter is, they’re out there. Waiting to be heard. Waiting to be seen.

Well here’s where I come in.  I don’t see enough women in hip hop being recognized in their communities, on the charts, on radio, on television, you name it. Therefore, I’m going to start giving PROPS TO WOMEN IN HIP HOP.  I’m all about women empowerment and hip hop, so why not? I would love to showcase women who are serious about their craft, who are building and growing as a hip hop artist, and women who are WINNING in this male-dominated industry. I want to give YOU your props. I want to let you know in advance that I appreciate your efforts and contributions to hip hop. I see you!

I will share a post every Wednesday for #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday) and highlight a woman in hip hop.  I might post an interview with an artist or a woman who works behind the scenes, the latest news about an artist, unknown facts, a throwback video, etc. Stay tuned! And if you know of  a dope woman in this industry that I should highlight then let me know!

Also, be sure to follow me on social media for the updates! Instagram: iAmAshleyCaprice Twitter: @AshleyCaprice Facebook: iAmAshleyCaprice

Let’s get started with this video from a few dope MCs 🙂

“Do you understand the metaphoric phrase ‘LYTE as a rock?’ It’s explaining how heavy the young lady is.” ~ MC Lyte, Lyte As A Rock



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