A Lesson Learned from The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

RHOAFans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta tuned in last night to the much-anticipated reunion episode. For weeks, blogs have been discussing a fight between Porsha and Kenya. Well last night, it all went down.

Kenya and her props were not taken too seriously by the other cast mates. Eventually, Porsha got fed up, yanked Kenya’s scepter and “blacked out.” There was hair pulling, name calling, and your typical Real Housewives drama. After the incident, Porsha was lying on the floor, surrounded by her “friends” and was told to relax. She eventually said, “I can’t believe I just did that. I’m so embarrassed.”

Which brings me to this post. I’m pretty sure  a lot of us have “embarrassing” moments and make mistakes we wish we could take back. But please, don’t ever let someone take power over your emotions to the point it makes you act out of character. I understand Porsha was going through some things and Kenya kept digging a deeper hole into the situation. So Porsha reacted, but not in the best way.

You have to know someone else and their character in order for you to remain true to who you are. Kenya has always provoked her cast mates and played the victim role at the same damn time. And Porsha should know that, so she should have just ignored Kenya’s sly remarks. Kenya is very manipulative and knew exactly what she was doing. If someone hits you on a reality show they are supposedly supposed to get fired.  Now, Porsha has a mug shot floating around, will probably be dismissed from the season, and have to live with this moment that could negatively impact her “career.”

In all, don’t let anyone get the best of you. Keep it pushing and rise above any situation or else you will end up looking like the weak one. Stay strong 😉

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