Can I Touch Your Hair???

Common questions I’m asked when I rock my curly ‘fro:

Are you Creole…Are you Dominican? …Are you mixed?…Are you CREOLE?

I’m Black. *insert what-the-hell face*

Are you from South Africa?…Are you from the West Indies?…Are you from New York?…Are you from India? …Are you from the South?

Nope, I’m from Los Angeles…*insert what-the-hell, all of this just because of my hair smile*

Can I touch your hair?

Sure…*insert what-the-hell  is so special about my hair, can I touch YOUR hair smile*

Did you cut your hair?

Nope…it’s just curly, not straight right now. *insert blank stare*

You look exotic!


… Hey, my beautiful Black Queen!…

Hello 🙂 *I thought I was a queen with straight hair too…shuggs*

I wrote about my hair journey before, and like I said then, “I am not my hair.” Yet, it’s always an experience when I wear my curly ‘fro. There are whispers, stares, sideeyes…some compliments, admiration and of course, questions.  In case you didn’t know, Blacks are born with naturally curly hair. *gasp* Shocker?  Shouldn’t be, but I guess so many women press, perm or wear long straight weaves that most people forget about the natural curls.

There has been a plethora of conversations dedicated to Black hair as if it’s a foreign object.  There are always debates with people of other races or even amongst other Black women about OUR hair. Like Janelle Monae said, “Embrace what makes you unique.” Rock what you want. Dreads. Curls. Twists. Braids. Weaves. Wigs…whatever. Do you! But don’t knock the next person for their hair choices. Don’t judge…and stop asking all of the questions! Lol…I’m Black. And my Black is Beautiful 😉

Have you ever been asked unusual questions because of how you style your hair?

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“I rock rough and stuff with my Afro Puffs…Rock on, wit cha bad self” 😉


  1. Not so much the style…but the length. When I was younger my hair was darker, more coarse and quite long. I would hear ppl say…”I wonder who did ‘her’ hair”. As if being Black…I could have NATURALLY long hair. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE a good weave too (well hair is not long anymore), but I shouldn’t have gotten strange looks because I DIDN’T have one. lol. Now…I’m ready to rock the NATURAL THANG!

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