My Favorite Memories from 2012

2012 was a great year for me. I was focused on building my brand, becoming more involved in the community and having fun! Check out some of my favorite memories from 2012!

I started doing Red Carpet events! Here’s a photo from my first event, Project Lace Celebrate their Partnership with Gloria Govan. red carpet 4

Conversations with Caprice became a hit!  My favorite interview was with radio personality, Big Boy. A lot of people thought we knew each other beforehand, but we met only 2 minutes before the camera started rolling. Check out the interview below.

I earned the award for “Mentor of the Year” for  my involvement with the Rooted For Life Menotoring Program. Woop Woop. Learn more about the organization by clicking HERE.


I went to the MC Hammer concert…and got on stage to dance with him! Cheeeaaa!  Check out a couple of photos below. (I know, I’m silly. Lol)

mc hammer 1 mc hanner 2

I went to Las Vegas a few times, but that’s nothing when you live in Los Angeles, lol.  I usually take a trip every year so this time I went to visit beautiful, New York. I loved it! The lights, the people, the fast-pace….LOVED it! Here is a photo of me at the M&M store on Times Square.


2012 was a great year and I’m so ready for 2013.

I just checked my 2012 blog highlights and my page was viewed in 94 countries!!! I promise to bring more great posts in 2013! Make sure you subscribe to my blog, follow me on Twitter -> @AshleyCaprice and on Facebook -> Ashley Caprice

What are some of your best memories from 2012???

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