Project LACE Celebrate Their Partnership with Gloria Govan

Gloria Govan

GLORIA GOVAN stepped out in style on Friday, January 20th, as she celebrated her partnership with Project LACE (Loving Abandoned Children Everywhere).  Celebrities such as Quinton Aaron, D-Ray Davis, Carla Renata and more came out to Café Entourage in Hollywood to help raise awareness and money for the organization.  

Project LACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by David Kang.  The organization is dedicated to helping end poverty, loneliness, and neglect of children everywhere by implementing programs, coming to the aid of other organizations helping the youth and worldwide medical missions.  Govan was moved when she was approached by David Kang to establish a partnership with the organization. After researching and learning more about what Project LACE, Gloria was honored and humbled by the offer and accepted.

D-Ray Davis

Project LACE began when 5-year old Ethan Kang asked founder David Kang, “Why are you wearing a pink bracelet, dad? Only girls wear pink!” David explained that he bought the bracelet to help girls who are sick (breast cancer awareness). David told him that each bracelet color represents something different; some colors are to help sick people, help females, stop hunger and also to help children. Ethan couldn’t believe that there are kids his own age who don’t eat every day and don’t even have homes or beds of their own. Ethan then suggested, “Maybe we could do something to help the kids.”

Since the 2 years of Project LACE’s existence, the organization has been a part of numerous fundraising events and initiatives to raise funds and awareness for organizations that aid children and youth in need. For more information, go to

Ashley Caprice on the Red Carpet


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