I’m the New Morning Show CoHost On V101!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!

How dare I not update my site for awhile and not let you know what’s going on! My bad!

Life has been BUSY! Not just busy, but very productive and I’m SO happy! As you know, I’ve worked in radio for years! I’ve been on my grind to shine and everything is finally paying off.

I have a new job! Woop woop! I’m now the Morning Show Co-host on V101! It’s a throwback hip hop and R&B station in Sacramento, so I moved from Los Angeles AND still get to do what I love. And you know I’m ALL about the #CapriceClassics so to work at a throwback station is perfect.

I started my new gig in July and I’m now on-air everyday 5:30am-10:am with Pacey Williams. You can listen at www.V1011fm.com or download the free iHeart radio app on your phone and listen wherever. Follow us on our social media for all of the updates!

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My radio journey continues so come along for the ride!!!

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Hang Out With Me on 99.1 KGGI!!!

Ashley Caprice KGGI So…I’m going to be on the radioooo!!!! Wooohhh!! Catch me on weekends at 99.1 KGGI starting this Saturday from 6p-10p, and Sunday 12p-4p!

The GRIND to SHINE has been real, but I love it! I’ve learned so many lessons on this journey and I must say, I’m proud of myself. Prayer, Practice, Persistence, and Patience (still working on that part lol) pays off!

Believe in yourself and KNOW that you can accomplish ANY goal that you set for yourself.

I’ve been on college, internet, and HD radio, but now you can hear me on the FM dial!!! If you’re in the IE area (and some parts of Los Angeles) you should be able to hear 99.1 KGGI clearly. If not, download the FREE iHeart Radio app and listen in! I can’t wait to chat with you this weekend!

I’ve been learning and grinding from behind the scenes, but now I’m moving to the front and there’s no turning back now! I’ve been in this industry for years but I feel like I’m JUST getting started! Woooooooo!

Keep up with me and say what’s up!

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“I can’t live without my radio!” – LL Cool J

How to Be a Girl Camp

How to Be a Girl...

I had the honor of helping Josefa Salinas, Community Affairs Director for Hot 92.3, with her annual How to Be a Girl Camp. Me and a few others stayed overnight at California State University, San Bernardino, for 4 days and 3 nights to help counsel, guide and mentor over 30 girls ages 11-17, to become young ladies. We were up at 6am and had activities lined up until 10pm. We all came together to take the young women through everything they need to know to be confident, well put together and ready to present themselves to the world.

The camp included classes on health, finance, personal development and life skills! The girls tackled visual poise, public speaking, personal finance, healthy relationships, hair, makeup, wardrobe and the ultimate class: Girl 101 and much more!

This isn’t the first time I’ve helped with the How to Be a Girl Camp and it will not be the last. It was such a rewarding experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I urge everyone to get involved in their community and help guide young children. What ever knowledge you pass on to one child can be passed on from them to another child. Each one teach one!

#ThrowbackThursday Shai: If I Ever Fall in Love


“The very first time, that I saw your brown eyes. Your lips said hello and I said hi.”

Will we ever have music like this again? I hope so, but if not, then that’s why I created these #ThrowbackThursday posts to remember all of the classic hits. Shai’s 1992 track, If I Ever Fall in Love was an instant hit and quickly climbed the Billboard charts, staying at #2 for eight weeks.

This song brings back memories to my college radio days. Whenever I played this record people would call in and say how pleased they were to hear this throwback.

A Cappella records sound so sexy because listeners can hear all of the harmonies without the distraction of any instruments. Can music artists please make A Cappellas cool again? Sigh. But for now, take a listen to the track that will take you back down memory lane.

Shai, If I Ever Fall in Love

Leave your thoughts about this song in the comments section

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Josefa Salinas talks How to Be a Girl, Her Hope for Women and More!

josefa salinasJosefa Salinas is an on-air radio personality for Hot 92.3 and KTLK, Author of 101 Things to Know Before You Date my Daughter, My Best Friend, Founder of How to Be A Girl Camp, Library Commissioner and overall Community Leader! I honored Salinas with a “Woman to Know” award for her personal commitment, dedication and contributions to women and the community. When asked about what inspired her organization, How to be a Girl, she says, “We kind of lost the art of being a girl. My whole thing is to teach young women that you can be beautiful, smart, intelligent, funny, and still be a girl. Still be a leader, still run a corporation, still be the President of the United states, and still be a girl.” Her overall hope for women is to help them understand their worth. She says, “If they understood for one second the value they have as a woman, they will never give it away for free.

You can join Salinas in her community efforts this weekend as she teamed up with the LAPD Juvenile Division for this year’s VOICE Holiday Party, an event to bring joy to children who have suffered so much at the hands of those who were entrusted to protect, nurture and love them.  Learn more about the event here.

Listen in to the whole interview below.

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