Will the Real R&B Artists’ Please Stand Up?

I hear so many people saying they don’t listen to their radio anymore because the music sucks. I understand. I work in the radio industry and still find myself listening to my iPod from time to time. The audience is constantly crying out for GOOD music. I often hear people say they miss the 90s…especially the music of that decade. I believe some of the groups and singers from that period feel the need to produce music that we’ve all been missing.

In a recent interview, SWV said, “The industry is so dry right now. It’s like a drought. It’s horrible. They need us. ” Their album “I Missed Us” is in stores now. Their first single Co-Sign sticks to the same sound they left us with in the 90s…smooth, bob-your-head, feel good music.

SWV: Co-Sign

Johnny Gill was a member of the 1980s group, New Edition. He ventured off and had hits such as “My My My” and  “Rub You The Right Way.” In 2011, he dropped the album, “Still Winning” which includes his latest single, “In The Mood.”

Johnny Gill: In The Mood

Brandy and Monica exude class and confidence. The singers have been around for over a decade and still making hits. Check out their single below.

Brandy and Monica: It All Belongs to Me

These artist are bringing hope back to the music industry. My wish is that up-and-coming R&B artist  produce better music so that we could stop listening to old CDs and cassette tapes…and so we could stop going back down memory lane with music. Will the Real R&B singers please stand up!

What artist from the old school do you wish was still out making good music? Who are some good R&B artist that get little airplay?

~ Ashley Caprice

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