#ThrowbackThursday Shai: If I Ever Fall in Love


“The very first time, that I saw your brown eyes. Your lips said hello and I said hi.”

Will we ever have music like this again? I hope so, but if not, then that’s why I created these #ThrowbackThursday posts to remember all of the classic hits. Shai’s 1992 track, If I Ever Fall in Love was an instant hit and quickly climbed the Billboard charts, staying at #2 for eight weeks.

This song brings back memories to my college radio days. Whenever I played this record people would call in and say how pleased they were to hear this throwback.

A Cappella records sound so sexy because listeners can hear all of the harmonies without the distraction of any instruments. Can music artists please make A Cappellas cool again? Sigh. But for now, take a listen to the track that will take you back down memory lane.

Shai, If I Ever Fall in Love

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