Go Girl Ep 22: Soulful Singer Karma The Artist Talks The Importance of Empowering Women in the Industry and In Life

Karma The Artist and I go way back. We went to high school together and then she went on to pursue her music career while I worked in radio. She was the very first person I interviewed for my blog.

Now, she’s a successful soul singer, songwriter and producer. She’s toured on cruises and sang background for some notable artists. She’s on the rise and she can’t be stopped!

As a woman in the industry she’s faced the challenges of proving herself to others while being sure to take her respect with her.

Listen in as we have girl talk about the importance of being confident, healing and letting go, and the importance of empowering other women in the industry.

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The Go Girl with Ashley Caprice podcast aims to motivate, inspire and empower women!  Each episode focuses on affirmations, music motivation, girl talk and girl power. Be sure to subscribe!


One comment

  1. If I didn’t have on fake lashes I’d be crying. This is such an inspirational message. Knowing I’m on a journey to complete a mission but I’ve allowed distractions to prevent me from reaching my goals, this episode speaks volumes to me and encourages me to be more focus. You ladies are young, gifted and Black and it’s your voices and achievements that are so empowering that you make me wanna shout and do the damn thing. I wish I had time to sit right now and finish what I’ve started but life prevails. But I promise I’m gonna Go Get It and stop blocking my blessings! Praise God and you both!! Wonderful podcast, keep up the good works!!

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