Go Girl Ep 5: Women Taking Their Power Back In The Dating World


Times have surely changed. Women are taking their power back in their careers and now in their love life.  A lot of women are not waiting around for a man to approach them anymore. These women are setting up profiles and meeting men online.  Some people are still skeptical but I know people who met their husbands through a dating app so there is potential for a match-made-in-heaven, ladies!

I brought in Dorinda Barker, CEO of NXTConnection, who went from helping her friends fix their dating profiles to now helping everyone give their best first impression. We talk everything from the profile picture because who likes shirtless photos or duck faces? We talk how to attract someone and put your best foot forward in your bio. And we even talk about first date ideas.

Have you tried a dating app before? How did it work out for you?

I’ve tried a dating app myself! I share my story along with affirmations, music motivation and girl talk!

Listen in below.

The Go Girl with Ashley Caprice podcast aims to motivate, inspire and empower women!  Each episode focuses on affirmations, music motivation, girl talk and girl power. Be sure to like, leave a comment and subscribe!

One comment

  1. Awesome show! I love the light hearted conversation about online dating. Those do’s and dont’s WORK!

    And thanks for the shout out!

    Looking forward to the next GoGirl!!

    Oh, and I AM ENOUGH! Thanks for that reminder!

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