Go Girl Ep 4: Rejection and Protection

Recently, there was a voicemail that went viral on the internet of a man bad mouthing a woman who did not answer or return his calls. He was very upset and the woman shared the message online. Since then, there have been a few conversations where men didn’t understand why the lady couldn’t just say she wasn’t interested in the guy or why she gave him her number in the first place.

This has happened to me before. Listen in to episode 4 where I discuss rejection in meeting someone and even rejection when it comes to your career. This can be a teachable moment. What’s the best and safest way to tell someone you’re not interested? Leave your comments below and tune in to hear affirmations, motivation and girl talk!


  1. You could never tell me before, but I am an advocate for taking baby steps. After reading and seeing how taking things slow, one day at a time, starting where you are, could help you stay disciplined, I gave in. If I become overwhelmed, I now know because I’m doing too much and try to slow it down. I will get to my destination, one step at a time.

    In reference to dude, thank GOD he showed his true colors! Block. Delete. Restrain.

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