Hip Hop Legend YoYo talks Nicki Minaj, Iggy, School of Hip Hop + MORE!

The 21st DIVAS Simply Singing - Red Carpet ArrivalsI have a strong appreciation for women who are well-respected and who can hold their own in a male-dominated industry. The above statement describes my guest, Yo-Yo. She’s a notable hip hop artist, actress and activist, who’s been rapping since the 90s and continues her love of hip hop by opening, “YoYo’s School of Hip Hop.”

In our conversation, we discuss her organization and of course we chat about the music industry. She opens up about Nicki Minaj and her influence with her single, “Truffle Butter,” says Iggy isn’t original, and she has a surprising theory on  why there aren’t so many women in hip hop anymore.

By the way, no, you still can NOT play with her Yo-Yo! Listen to our interview below!

yoyo hip hop quote

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