NEW MUSIC from Nicki Minaj “Pills N Potions”

This week Nicki Minaj dropped Pills N Potions, her first single from her upcoming album, The Pink Print. Nicki recently phoned  The Breakfast Club Morning Show to open up about the track. She says, ” I was just reflecting on people, people in my life who’ve come and gone, and just thinking what does it all mean…I’m talking about lots of people. It’s not about anyone in particular but I have come across a lot of people that I have given amazing opportunities to who continue to bite the hand that feed them. I always give people enough rope to hang themselves with. I just live my life and try to be super fair to everyone, so when you cross me it’s just like really? Hmm, okay. It is what it is.”

I like this Nicki Minaj. This song showcases a more vulnerable, personal Nicki. She sings. She raps. She reflects. This record in particular speaks to people who did her wrong, but she won’t stoop to their level. Instead she “still loves” and keeps it pushing. Go girl! Listen to the track below.

Ayo, they could never make me hate you
 Even though what you was doin’ wasn’t tasteful
 Even though you out here lookin’ so ungrateful
 I’mma keep it movin’ be classy and graceful

What do you think about this song?

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