My Favorite Memories from 2012

2012 was a great year for me. I was focused on building my brand, becoming more involved in the community and having fun! Check out some of my favorite memories from 2012!

I started doing Red Carpet events! Here’s a photo from my first event, Project Lace Celebrate their Partnership with Gloria Govan. red carpet 4

Conversations with Caprice became a hit!  My favorite interview was with radio personality, Big Boy. A lot of people thought we knew each other beforehand, but we met only 2 minutes before the camera started rolling. Check out the interview below.

I earned the award for “Mentor of the Year” for  my involvement with the Rooted For Life Menotoring Program. Woop Woop. Learn more about the organization by clicking HERE.


I went to the MC Hammer concert…and got on stage to dance with him! Cheeeaaa!  Check out a couple of photos below. (I know, I’m silly. Lol)

mc hammer 1 mc hanner 2

I went to Las Vegas a few times, but that’s nothing when you live in Los Angeles, lol.  I usually take a trip every year so this time I went to visit beautiful, New York. I loved it! The lights, the people, the fast-pace….LOVED it! Here is a photo of me at the M&M store on Times Square.


2012 was a great year and I’m so ready for 2013.

I just checked my 2012 blog highlights and my page was viewed in 94 countries!!! I promise to bring more great posts in 2013! Make sure you subscribe to my blog, follow me on Twitter -> @AshleyCaprice and on Facebook -> Ashley Caprice

What are some of your best memories from 2012???


Conversations With Caprice: Rooted For Life Mentoring Program

Rooted For Life (RFL) Mentoring Program’s Mission Statement is as follows: “Rooted For Life is an educationally based nonprofit committed to enhancing the lives of our Community’s Youth, through integrity building programs, and life skills resources.” And the program offers just that through classes, group outings and guest speakers.

I sat with the RFL Founder, Shelley Jones, to discuss what the program offers and future goals for the organization. Her daughter and scholar, Bree Jones, gave her testimony about RFL and shares advice for future scholars.

I was apart of this amazing program for the 2011-2012 year and it was a rewarding experience. Doing good things for others makes YOU feel good.  So get involved! To contribute, or become a mentor/scholar, please go to www.RootedForLife.Org

Tune in to the conversation.

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