Romance WITHOUT Finance

So we all know the phrase, “No romance, without finance.” Some people will not date someone if they are not making a certain amount of money or not flossing their cash. These people are called gold diggers.  And they are making it hard for women who want real love instead of the superficial crap. Some men won’t even take women out on dates anymore because they think women just want a “free meal”…BLAH!

So I’ve decided to put together a list of some romantic gestures for people who are getting in a new relationship or couples wanting  tips to keep the relationship alive.  REAL women are simple. We mainly want time, affection and compliments…a little TLC if you will.  And REAL woman could care less how much you spend on us, but would like you to think of creative ways to show how much you love us. Now if a woman looks at you crazy for anything I list below then she might be into your finances…or just not a romantic.

At a time where women are told to “think like men” I decided to flip the switch. We don’t want to think like you. Point. Blank. We just want you to understand us and our desires. I’ve decided to put a list together of romantic gestures for the fellas (and women, feel free to take a few tips). Nothing will cost money. Now beware, I’m very mushy! Some men might refuse to do anything I mention but try it out. Your woman might love it 😉

Romantic tips:

-Everyone loves music. Rock. Pop. R&B. Jazz. Hip Hop. Reggae…Whatever. Find out your partner’s favorite type of music and dedicate a song to them. I promise that whenever they hear that song they will think of you.

Pause in the middle of a sports game, look over at her and give her a compliment. We know sports are important to you, but it’ll be nice if you look away from the game for a split second to say she looks nice, or her food was good, etc.

-If you’re bold, call into a radio station and make a dedication to your mate on-air…so the whole town could hear.

-Make a CD full of songs that you dedicate to her.

-On a night where there is a full moon, and you two are at separate places, call her up. Tell her to look out the window at the moon and let her know that you’re looking at the moon as well. You two could feel like you’re close together even though you’re far apart.

-Write a love note or letter. Leave it on the mirror, in his car, in the fridge, at his job, in  his briefcase, by his newspaper, on the computer, by his phone…write it, mean it, and leave it.

Call…just to say I Love you, I miss you, I’m thinking about you, I want you…Again, CALL… NOT text. We want to hear it.

Sing to her. Yep. Have a karaoke night and just make a complete a** of yourself! But it will be ok because you’ll sing a song that you could dedicate to your girl. Everyone else will probably laugh (unless you can really SANG), but your woman would appreciate your effort…and might get a little chuckle out of it as well.

Spray cologne in her car, her pillow, her room or any other place in the house so that she will always think of you.

Cook. Women are always told to cook, clean, look good, blah blah blah…but turn the tables on us. Cook for us. Serve us breakfast in bed. Cook a candlelit dinner.

-Give her a massage. Just because. Massage our feet, back, neck…whatever.

Most people put their best foot forth in the beginning of a relationship but then get comfortable and lazy  after the “honeymoon phase.” So bring the spark back! Try one of my suggestions and let me know how it works.

What are some more romantic tips? What’s the sweetest thing your mate has done for you or that you’ve done for your mate?

“You’re so freaking romantic, I can’t stand it…You set the standard for many things,  I wasn’t sure life would bring.  You’re so romantic”  Romantic, Goapele (Dope love song)

~Ashley Caprice 

One comment

  1. Awe how sweet! This is awesome. I love letters; I can keep them for years on in! I still have some old ones…til I get married or an attic!

    Another tip would be to…

    Create a bouquet of flowers from an unattended flower stash at the park or between houses, or in bushes! 🙂


    Create a vacation day at the house (turn off ALL electronics, close all the windows, and talk to each other all day)!


    Create a warm bubble or milk bath and wash her back longer than usual, followed by a massage with soft music playing in the background.


    Surprise her at lunch with a lunch you created and have lunch together for an hour.


    Teach her something you love to do so that maybe she can learn to appreciate it just the same or better understand why you love it!


    Walk miles and miles while talking about having fun enjoying your surroundings and getting to know more about each other.


    If you dont live together, everytime you leave her, leave something from you with her (A shirt, a wrist band, a piece of jewelry, a clean sock.


    Ask for her hand and for her to close her eyes, and with a nice pen, write the words I LOVE YOU..big and bold! The writing from the pen will tickle and her sensual senses with warm up! 🙂

    Hope these help…

    Pernisha G.

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