11th Annual Hot 92.3 Love Affair

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

For the past 10 years Hot 92.3 has put on the HOTTEST Valentine’s Day show with your favorite old school R&B artist. This year featured performances by The Intruders, Bloodstone, The Impressions, Barbara Lewis, The Originals, The Temprees, Eddie Holman, The Notations, The Delegation and The Fuzz.

We took it back…way back. Back to the 60s-70s. Back to when guys wore matching suits!  Back to when a group had dance steps!  Love Affair 2012 took some of us on a trip back down memory lane!

Below are some photos of me and a few of the artist and live performances from The Delegation and Barbara Lewis.  Enjoy!

Ashley Caprice and Eddie Holman

Ashley Caprice and The Temprees


Ashley Caprice and member from The Fuzz
Ashley Caprice and member from Bloodstone
Ashley Caprice and member from The Impressions

Ashley Caprice and The Originals
Ashley Caprice with the Originals and The Intruders

Feel free to leave your thoughts about the annual Hot 92.3 Love Affair.

~ Ashley Caprice 

One comment

  1. I thought the concert Saturday was cool….Brought back some great memories….I saw the Originals back in the late 60’s or early 70’s at the Capitol Theatre in Chicago….I was interesting that was where I saw Gene Chandler for the first time…and now here is his son… continuing the magic….really cool.

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