Conversations with Caprice: Bodega Man

“Bodega” is a convenience store that has everything you need. So who is Bodega Man? He is an up-and-coming hip hop artist who has everything you need when it comes to music. With a jazzy, smooth beat under raw, meaningful lyrics, he leaves his listeners wanting more after every track.

Bodega Man opened up about what inspired him to write his single, “Inner City Blues” which was sampled from Marvin Gaye’s song of the same title.  We also discussed his music, his views on the current state of hip hop and his plans for 2012.

Listen to the full interview below.

Meet Bodega Man.

Check out his video for the single “Don’t Know Where I’m Going”


Website: Bodega Man

Facebook: Become a Fan

Twiiter: Follow Bodega Man


  1. Big Ups to Bodega Man! This brotha is definitely somebody to watch out for. His flowz are ridiculously nice and rips up every beat its laced on! Working with this cat just on a mixtape level was awesome! I could hardly finish it from vibing out with his music! LOL His music is DEFINITELY worth listening to! Big Ups!!!!

  2. “brother of mine” bodega man seeks the truth!!!!! he is a well rounded person loves is family seen what the streets have to offer good and bad the blend of hip hop and jazz is like cafe con leche. an artist in all sense of the word. music is life and his life in the music blessd to have a brother like him “ya2sabes” -rje

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