I Danced at the Sacramento Kings Halftime Show with the #HundredsUnit!

What an experience! This past Monday I had an opportunity to dance with the #HundredsUnit at the Sacramento Kings game halftime show! The Hundreds Unit is a network of women committed to creating an environment that is supportive, inspiring and fun. I, along with others, left the performance feeling confident, proud, accomplished and empowered. We built a sisterhood and encouraged each other at every rehearsal. We helped each other with the choreography so that no one was left behind. We were a UNIT!  No matter your age, size, background or capability, YOU can be a part of this amazing movement. See our performance below:

The Founder and instructor, Venetia James, came to V101 to talk to us about how she inspires women through dance and how you can become a part of the Hundreds Unit!



Remembering Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

You can ask almost any music artist or dancer, “Who is one of your influences?” And no matter the genre, age,  race or sex, most entertainers mention Michael Jackson at the top of their list.

Michael Jackson was, in my opinion, the best entertainer ever.  Many fans would put on socks and attempt to moonwalk on the kitchen floor (Don’t act like I was the only one!) …People would wear white socks with penny loafers…People would practice his dance moves in the mirror…People would mock MJ’s sound “Yee hee…woooo” …People would wear one glove…People would wear a hat similar to the artist…I would always imagine I was the model strutting in my heels in the video, “The Way You Make Me Feel” video…I performed Thriller with thousands of MJ fans in the Thrill The World  dance at L.A. Live  in 2009. He was often imitated, but NEVER duplicated…Almost everyone wanted to be like Mike!

It’s been three years since his tragic, sudden death but radio stations all over still remember Michael Jackson. I was in shock when I heard the news. A friend text me, “Michael Jackson died.” I said yea, right. I would NOT believe the news.  I started to google search, I watched CNN, and I was in shock! I could not believe the King of Pop had died.

He was preparing for his 2-week “This Is It” tour…and that was going to be it. But it never happened. Today we celebrate his life on television, radio stations, blogs and more. Michael Jackson definitely made his mark on this world. We Never Can Say Goodbye to Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson is gone, but NEVER forgotten. Ever.

The Jackson 5 on Soul Train.

Best of Michael Jackson Performances.

What is your favorite song? Album? Performance? Dance move? Memory?

~Ashley Caprice

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Remember THIS?!…ClasSICK!

 House Party was released over 20 years ago (1990 to be exact) and I know people STILL do the dance battle seen in the above video! (Some of you will probably rewind the video just to do the dance lol)… Sigh, they just don’t make movies like they used to.

What’s your favorite 90s film?

Conversations with Caprice: Bodega Man

“Bodega” is a convenience store that has everything you need. So who is Bodega Man? He is an up-and-coming hip hop artist who has everything you need when it comes to music. With a jazzy, smooth beat under raw, meaningful lyrics, he leaves his listeners wanting more after every track.

Bodega Man opened up about what inspired him to write his single, “Inner City Blues” which was sampled from Marvin Gaye’s song of the same title.  We also discussed his music, his views on the current state of hip hop and his plans for 2012.

Listen to the full interview below.

Meet Bodega Man.

Check out his video for the single “Don’t Know Where I’m Going”


Website: Bodega Man

Facebook: Become a Fan

Twiiter: Follow Bodega Man

Shake That Healthy Butt!

Ever walk up a flight of stairs and run out of breath?

Ever start dancing and have to stop to catch your breath?

Ever wake up saying, “ok TODAY, I’m going to start working out???…ok maybe tomorrow.” And you keep putting it off into NEVER, NEVER-land?

No?…So…this has just happened to me? Yea right! Welcome to the club! Don’t feel so bad about lacking motivation to work out. It happens to the best of us and it’s a habit that we HAVE to break.

According to GetAmericaFit.org:

•Obesity is the #2 cause of preventable death in the United States
•60 million Americans, 20 years and older are obese
•9 million children and teens ages 6-19 are overweight
•Being overweight or obese increases the risk of health conditions and diseases including: Breast cancer, Coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes, Sleep apnea, Gallbladder disease, Osteoarthritis, Colon cancer, Hypertension and Stroke

WoW. As 2Pac said, “It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes.
Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live and let’s change the way we treat each other.” We can do this! If it means giving yourself a deadline, then do that! If you need a friend to help motivate you to workout then ask a friend to join you! Don’t be lazy…you can do it.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to feel like I’m working out. I’m not big on using equipment. I LOVE music…so I put on music for ANYTHING and most of the time I start dancing! Simple, fun workout! I’ll start dancing while cleaning the house, doing my hair, etc. Sometimes there are free dance classes in your local community. I went to a Zumba class recently, you can check it out here. It was fun and I didn’t feel like I was working out…except for the sweat..and heart pounding…but that’s not the point! lol… If dancing is your thing then do your research, find a local class and shake that healthy butt!

Overall, find a physical activity that you LOVE to do and make working out WORK for YOU. Find something easy and fun. It could be jumping rope, skating, riding your bike…put some music on too and you’ll forget you’re working out. Or do small things. Park further away from the entrance of a store so you can walk more…take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator. Put in some effort.

When you work out you FEEL GOOD…and when you FEEL GOOD, you LOOK GOOD! And it’s one thing to LOOK GOOD on the outside but we all need to learn to FEEL GOOD on the inside as well! Get on it!

~Ashley Caprice

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