New Year, New Me!…right.

Typical New Year’s Resolutions:

1) First week of January, I need to get this weight OFF! I”m getting a gym membership, going to walk and run with friends, join weight watchers, eat right, exercise every day! Time to get it right, get it tight! Fast Forward 3 months:  I mean, I’m not THAT big. My boo is cool with my weight, so why am I trippin??? I’m tired of eating spinach every day anyway… WHERE IS THE FATBURGER?!

2) Man I need to give my life to God. I’m about to start going to church every Sunday, get saved, buy me a new Bible because I can’t see anything in this pocket Bible. Going to get involved in choir, praise dancing, all that! Fast Forward 3 months: I can listen to the sermon on the radio…I listened to the Kirk Franklin album the other day, that counts right? The Bible is open on my book shelf.  Easter is coming up! I’ll go to church then!

3) I need a new job! I hate my job… going to start applying for every company in the world in the new year!  I need more money! More days off! Some benefits. Fast Forward 3 months: I hate my job, but I’m getting money…I guess.

Sounds familiar? Sure it does…. Believe me, I’ve been guilty of setting New Year’s Resolutions that fell through after a few months. So I understand.

BUT I’ve learned that New Year’s Resolutions are kind of pointless. You should ALWAYS want to do better for yourself, but it should come from the heart. Don’t wait until a specific day…a specific year. Every day you wake up is another day for you to get it right. It’s so cliché but “why put off for tomorrow what can be done today?”

A new year is just a new day. So don’t wait til Jan 1 to get your life together. Start NOW.

~Ashley Caprice

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