Ladies….We MUST do better.

“BITCH. I’m a REAL BITCH! With your BLACK ASS!” 

Sigh. No, these aren’t lyrics to one of your favorite uncensored rap songs…these are words right from women who are 30-something or in some cases 40-something. Women who have children. Women whose lives are broadcast on television every Monday night on VH1. These “women” I’m speaking of are the Basketball Non-Wives. 

Approximately 3.5 million viewers watched the premiere of the third season while 4.6 million viewers tuned in to the season’s finale. Yea…I was one of the viewers. Smh. I watch this show as a critic, not a fan. I’m not #TeamTammi, #TeamEvelyn, #TeamRoyce or #TeamAnyone for that matter.

When I watch this show I can’t figure out if I’m watching high school girls or grown women. So much He Say, She Say. So much fighting. So much drama. So much cursing. I feel like I AM watching the sterotypical Black woman…you know, we’re all supposedly angry, obnoxious, LOUD, and gold diggers…and that’s all I see on this show. But of course that’s what the ‘man’ wants to project through the television screens. I mean, why would the casting directors include a basketball WIFE who travels with her husband, takes care of the kids and takes care of home? Because that’s not who the audience wants to see. The viewing audience LIKES drama.

One episode in particular made me cringe. People on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc. could not WAIT to see Meeka get SLAPPED by Tami. Once it happened, I wanted to see the reactions of people on these social networks. Some people loved the slap, others like myself thought it was classless. NOTHING was cute, funny, cool, tight, bomb, dope, great, excellent, good, about the slap. I was very upset. I was upset that people liked what they witnessed; I was upset that this “woman,” Tami Roman, is affiliated with a charity for young girls who look up to her and watch her behave in this manner; I was upset that people rooted for the slap; I was upset that VH1 aired the act; I was upset Shaunie did not step in; I was upset that there was another Black woman reinforcing the angry Black woman sterotype. I was and still am VERY upset.

Basketball Non-Wives are real characters. Yes, producers stir up certain situations but these women have a CHOICE about their actions. Therefore, these women who act in such a negative way EXIST in reality. So ladies, if you see some of yourself in ANY of these characters then I say to you…please, do better.

~Ashley Caprice
Facebook: AshleyCaprice
Twitter: AshleyCaprice


  1. I don't watch the show so I can't comment too much. However, we should accept people for who they are if it doesnt affects us or they aren't putting our lives in danger. Are these “Housewives” actions ok with me no, but how they present themselves and portray themselves have nothing to do with what a REAL WOMAN knows and believes in. Apparently this show is for all the “angry, obnoxious, LOUD, and gold…” digging women. That would probably explain why I never watch it…hmmmmmm! I take 'Class' for $1million.

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