What Happened?

What Happened to men approaching women?
         It’s been replaced with women approaching men.

What Happened to men calling women on the phone?
         It’s been replaced with text messaging.

What Happened to love letters?
          It’s been replaced with Facebook Wall comments.

What Happened to dating?
         It’s been replaced with “kickin it.”

What Happened to love?
         It’s been replaced with fear of heartbreak.

What Happened to men dating real women?
         It’s been replaced with men dating girls.

What Happened to getting to know her BEFORE getting physical?
         It’s been replaced with getting physical FIRST which determines IF he wants to get to know her.

What Happened to monogamous relationships?
         It’s been replaced with the fear of commitment.

What Happened to calling women “sugar-pie-honey-bunch?”
         It’s been replaced with calling women “b***h, wh**e, tri*k,” etc.

What Happened to honesty?
         It’s been replaced with Bulls**t.

What Happened to appreciating what you have?
         It’s been replaced with greed.

What Happened to not settling?
         It’s been replaced with fear of being alone.

What Happened???

I’ll admit, some of these questions apply to me and others are through my observations…there’s been an obvious shift in the dating scene or the way men/women simply treat each other. But when did the change take place? Did I miss the memo??? What happened to the old school traditions? What happened to respect? WHAT happened?!?!?

Let me know your thoughts.

I also dug through the crates…or youtube rather lol…and found an old clip of me and some friends discussing this very issue. Check it out:

~Ashley Caprice
Facebook Fanpage: Ashley Caprice
Twitter: @AshleyCaprice


  1. I feel this post girl!! things are definitely shifting in the WRONG direction smh. Text Msgs replacing phone calls, ain't that the truth! But as long as there are girls out there like me and you demanding more there will be the guys who will take the challenge of a real woman. I'm glad you're bringing these issues to light. Keep it up sistah 🙂

  2. Although it's definitely a new Era, there's now more to consider when dating and being in relationships. Relationships/Dating is like technology; the older it get the more advanced and complicated it becomes, but you always have to LEARN to keep up with the dating scene and maintain an enjoyable relationship. I think because there's more variety nowadays, many of us are willing to give out and settle- women approaching men, open relationships, committing 100%- too many obligations and responsibility in life already so we tend to not put in as much effort into who we're dating or who we want to be with until it's mandatory! 🙂

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