Go Girl Ep. 142: How to Overcome Your Scars and Be a Magnet For Your Desires

Hey, girls!

We’ve all gone through some type of trauma and a lot of us have scars that others can’t see. We talk a lot about healing from toxic relationships on the Go Girl Podcast and essentially I’ve shared tips on how to overcome emotional scars.

Well today’s guest didn’t look at herself change clothes in the mirror until she was 25-years-old because of her physical scars. Audra Bryant is a life coach, motivational speaker, singer, author and burn survivor who shares her transformational journey of healing to help others turn their scars into their superpower. She’s also the host of the “I’ve Got Scars Baby” podcast and empowers others through her song, “Scars.

Listen in as we have girl talk about how to turn your scars into your superpowers, toxic positivity, and self-love. Bryant is also hosting “The Desires Fulfilled” workshop on April 29th to help you become a magnet for your desires.

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