Go Girl Ep. 62 – What is A Narcissist? Can They Change + How To Coexist With Them Ft. Rebecca Zung

Have you ever been with a narcissist? The relationship started off great, right? You felt like you were swept off of your feet because your partner said and did all of the right things. It was all good, until you felt like nothing you did was ever enough. You were drained, exhausted, and not feeling like yourself anymore. Whew, girl! I’ve been there, and I got out.

But what if your narcissist is a family member or coworker? How do you set boundaries with them?

In this episode of the Go Girl Podcast, I have girl talk with Lawyer, Author, Podcast host, and Narcissist Negotiation Expert, Rebecca Zung. Listen in as she defines the narcissist, gives tools to coexist with them, and answers the question – Can narcissists change?

What do you think? Be sure to follow @RebeccaZung and @GoGirlMovement and let us know what part of the podcast resonates with you! Go Girl!

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