Prejudice: #DarkGirls and #LightGirls

My mom and dad are both light, but I’m brown.

Like, a caramel, butterscotch, toffee complexion, but some people still refer to me as a light skin girl. Whatever, it’s all good.


It seems to me that  when “Dark Girls” came out everyone was cool and understanding, but once word got out that “Light Girls” would air then there was a problem, as if light girls don’t have their own struggles.  I watched the “Light Girls” documentary and identified with some of the commentary, and was taken aback by some of the things the guys had to say. (I think that segment could have been left out completely.) In all, I understand that colorism still exists, BUT…we’re all Brown girls, facing a lot of similar struggles in society. Remember, we are still Black.

Since my mother is a lighter shade, she wrote a poem about “Light Girls.”. Read it below and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.


Here I Go Again

Hearin’ Comments ‘Bout My Light Skin
This Is How I Was Born
My Complexion That I Adorn

Why Do You Think My Dad Is White
‘Cause My Birth Certificate Says I’m Bright?
You’re Showin’ Your Stupidity
I Love The Way That God Made Me

If You Don’t – Then You Have The Problem
Check Your Ways And Try To Solve Them
Are You Hatin’ Your Own Race
Or Not Satisfied With Your Own Face?

Leave Me Be – I’ve Had Enough
With All The Prejudice And Stuff
Can’t We All Just Get Along
Instead Of Pointin’ Out What’s Wrong

Our God Is Wise And Colorful
He Created Us Different And Each Wonderful
Red and Yellow, Black or White
We’re All Precious In His Sight

Blondes, Brunettes, Blue Eyes Or Brown
Long Hair, Short Hair, Skinny Or Round
Tall Or Short, Straight Or Gay
One Is No Better Is What I Say!

It’s Hard Enough To Accept Ones Self
Buildin’ Our Own Image Is All That’s Left
No Need To Be On The Defense
Towards People Who Keep Thinking This Nonsense

The World Can Be A Better Place To Live
If You Choose To Live Life Being Positive
If We Just Followed God’s Golden Rule
“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”
Thank You Jesus


  1. I love this! I still find that there are differences in treatment based off of skin complexion. But there are many similarities. So does this mean that brown skin girls don’t have either of these challenges or are they the culprits doing the bullying?

    • Hey there! Thanks for reading. I’m brown skin but people still put me in the light skin category so I faced some of the same issues as the girls in the documentary. I don’t think Brown skin girls are the only ones doing the bullying; that could happen from anyone.

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