Cupid talks Curobiks Fitness DVD, The Voice, New Music + MORE!

I caught up with Cupid who’s known for his 2007, triple platinum single, “Cupid Shuffle” which would give anyone a good workout, but he’s back with his new fitness DVD, “Curobiks.” The video is replete with line dances, guaranteed to make you sweat and drop those pounds. You can purchase now at

Aside from his new venture, Cupid is in the studio working on more music and has collaborations with “Shake it Fast” rapper, Mystikal, and the hilarious, Nephew Tommy. You might have caught Cupid on The Voice a few years ago where he wanted to get away from only being known as the artist with the “Cupid Shuffle” song; but he performed that very song on the show. Listen to our conversation below where he explains why he made the decision to sing his popular hit on The Voice, more about Curobiks and he even gives useful health tips.

Conversations With Caprice: Cupid

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