Snoop Dogg Has #NoChill When It Comes to Iggy Azalea, But Should He?

snoop and iggyHip Hop Legend Snoop D-O-Double-G has been under fire lately with his latest Instagram posts. It all started on Sunday when he reposted a meme about hip pop (no typo) artist, Iggy Azalea. The photo reads “Iggy With No Make Up.” Some people laughed. Some people said he was being disrespectful. But he didn’t post anymore about the Aussie rapper until she got offended and tweeted that Snoop was being “such an as* for no reason.”

tweets iggy

Afterwards, Snoop started posting countless memes and instavideos geared towards the “fancy” rapper. (Since then, Snoop has apologized after T.I. gave him a call)

This is my thing: There is no room for sensitive rappers. There are certain elements that make up hip hop culture, including the MC. Rappers have egos and always try to claim the title as the “best rapper alive” and some beefs develop in the process. But then what happens? There’s usually something called a rap BATTLE! Roxanne Shante was 14-years-old when she freestyled over a dope beat to call out some other rappers. She even proved she could hold her own in this male-dominated industry when she responded to KRS-One in her 1987 track, “Have a Nice Day.” So beef has nothing to do with race, age or gender.

It’s about hip hop.

Snoop was merely joking and if you scroll through his Instagram feed you would see that he contantly post silly photos. In no way am I defending him on his language towards Iggy, but I do believe there are certain requirements that come with being a hip hop artist. I wish Iggy would have clapped back to show everyone why she’s worthy of the six American Music Award nominations, or why she deserved the BET: Who Blew Up Award from the Hip Hop Awards. But people have speculated that she doesn’t write her own rhymes, and perhaps that’s the reason she didn’t respond. Hmmm…

You have to show and prove in hip hop. “First thing’s first…I’m the realest.” The realest what? Rapper? Prove it!  Snoop Dogg obviously had no chill when it came to Iggy, and I doubt real hip hop heads have any chill with her after this incident.

What do you think about this rap “beef”? Do you think hip hop is changing? What do you think of Snoop’s actions? How about Iggy as a rapper?

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