Word on the Street with Ashley Caprice: Mariah Carey, Kevin Hart, R. Kelly + MORE!

Ent 4It looks like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are not on good terms right now! The two are reportedly headed for divorce.  It all seems to stem from a couple of interviews of Cannon spilling way too many beans. In one interview, Big Boy asked Nick to name the 5 celebs you’ve slept with. Nick named 5 and one of the Kim Kardashian.  Nick made it worse when he went on Howard Stern and talked about Mariah not giving it up before they got hitched. whoa. I think the two can talk these issues out, but I’ll keep you posted! In other Mariah news, she  will kick off her world tour in October.

HBO is reporting that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s The “ON THE RUN” special will include performances of more than 40 songs. The special will air Saturday, September 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Kevin Hart proposed to his longtime girlfriend Eniko Parrish. “She said YEEEEESSSSS…… #Happy #MyRib #iF–kingLoveHer,” he wrote with an adorable shot of the duo (and that huge diamond sparkler!). Hart and Parrish have been dating for five years. But, it’s kind of ironic that he proposed to her the same day “Atlanta Exes” premiered on VH1, which happens to star his ex-wife Torrei. I guess people left similar comments and Kevin Hart posted another pic with the caption, “I just want to take a second to share some COMMONSENSE with you guys!!! August 18th was @neekibaby actual Birthday…it wasn’t the day before of the day after…The only thing that was on my mind yesterday was making sure my lady had an amazing 30th B Day. I wish my X Wife nothing but the best in life…I’ve moved forward with my life & have been doing so for the last 6 years,” he wrote. Okay.
TMZ.com is reporting that Derrel McDavid managed R. Kelly for decades and helped him become the superstar he is today.  But last year Kelly and McDavid parted company and according to the lawsuit they made a deal that Kelly would give McDavid $1.3 million and they’d walk their separate ways. But guess R. Kelly hasn’t paid the full amount. Sources are also saying that McDavid knows all of Kelly’s personal and professional drama so he might want to play this safe and just pay up.

Nicki Minaj dropped her video for, “Anaconda.” Watch below.

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