Two French Braids, Quick Protective Style!

Hey, hey! So, I’m going to be honest; I don’t know how to French braid. I can *flat twist, but not braid my hair 😦 So my beautiful sister helped me with my hair tutorial this week. She was trying to teach me how to braid my own hair but it wasn’t working out, lol. I need to practice, practice, practice and I just didn’t have that type of time. So I kindly asked her if she would be such a great big sister and help me out, so she did! (You da best, sis!)

So anyway, watch the tutorial below. I  didn’t use any products since this was impromptu so I didn’t have anything with me, but I did start with *detangled hair. I already *co-washed my hair a few days prior and had a little Shea Butter in my hair. This style took my sister about 20 minutes and I’m sure it will last a few days. Once I get the hang of braiding my own hair then I will show you how to do it, but for now, check out my sister braiding my hair and let me know if you have any questions 🙂


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