[WATCH] #ThrowbackThursday: Crush On You

Lil Kim isn’t playing ANY games this week! Over the weekend, Beyoncé released her “Flawless” remix featuring Nicki Minaj in which the rapper says she’s the “Queen of Rap.” Of course Lil’ Kim wasn’t feeling that. So Lil Kim made her own Flawless remix and rhymed, “Am I tripping or did this ho just say my name. Queen of Rap? F-ck outta here, The queen’s back” Ouch. But it didn’t stop there. Last night Lil’ Kim released a new diss record titled, “Identity Theft.”

Well, in the midst of all of this beef, I decided to dedicate this throwback music post to Queen Bee (Lil Kim’ in case you are confused). Below is the video to her 1996 single, “Crush on You.”  This is back when women AND men performed dance steps in videos. Back when Lil’ Kim rocked different color wigs. The track features Junior M.A.F.I.A. members, Lil’ Cease and the Notorious B.I.G.; the video features cameos from Luke and Aaliyah.

What do you think about the beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj? Did Nicki take Kim’s style?

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