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Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

YOU are your thoughts. Do YOU THINK you’re beautiful, intelligent, driven, a good person? Then you are. Do YOU THINK you’re unattractive, that you’re stuck in that bad relationship, that you can never get out of debt? Then you are. I’m sure you thought positively about the first set of adjectives and negatively about the second set.

My sister and I had a conversation recently and now we want to change the world. Lol…seriously! She and I are very positive, faith-filled thinkers and we want our friends, family, and the world to achieve the same happiness. We’ve had our share of ups and downs in life but we still flash a smile 🙂 through it all!  When your mind can conceive that something CAN happen, it starts the process of figuring out how.  As soon as you decide something CAN’T happen your mind stops working on a solution.  The energy put out into the universe is then negative so negative things continue to happen to you.

So we came up with a challenge. We want everyone to write something POSITIVE down EVERYDAY. Learn to re-direct your focus. Stop with the negative talk. At the end of your day, think about something POSITIVE that has happened in your day. Even if it’s simply “I woke up…I had a job to go to…I was able to travel without getting in an accident or having car trouble…” It’s the small things that count. Twitter users tweet and re-tweet positive quotes all day long. Facebook users post and re-post positive quotes all day long. Most people apply the quote to their life for that day, but how about applying the positivity to your LIFE EVERY DAY. So get that journal and start writing! We’ve already started ours!

Everything in life is based on your perception. You can see the glass as half empty or half full; we choose the latter 😉 I remember a quote from the 2011 film, Red Tails, “Life is one helluva teacher. You take the test THEN learn the lesson.” We never know why we’re going through a certain situation but KNOW that there IS a lesson to be learned. If you missed the lesson then you will go through the same test, maybe with different people, until you realize what God is trying to teach you.  Remember, you can’t have a MESSAGE without mess, nor a TESTIMONY without a TEST.

KNOW that every negative situation is TEMPORARY. I say that ALL of the time. I have days where I feel like things could be better, but then I realize “This too shall pass.” You MUST have faith and KNOW that everything is going to be alright.

ALWAYS be THANKFUL. If you don’t appreciate what you ALREADY have, then God will NOT bless you with ABUNDANCE. Are you reading this blog? Of course! So obviously God woke you up today…you have a chair to sit in and access to a computer. Learn to APPRECIATE the small things around you.

Now let’s talk about energy and power. The law of conservation of energy states that energy “can be neither created nor destroyed. However, energy can change forms, and energy can flow from one place to another.” Have you ever had a really good day and then talked to someone who told you about their bad day…got off the phone…and now you’re feeling bad and sad? Transference of energy. People can suck the happiness out of you, or they can transfer positive energy – especially through random acts of kindness (more on that coming up in this series).

So let’s apply:

FRIENDS: Don’t be the pessimist. They see the glass as half empty instead of half full. They have a negative outlook on everything. They always have a sad story. When you surround yourself with rich people, you become rich. So if you surround yourself with positive people you will become a more positive person. If you’re always around negative people then chances are you begin to have a negative outlook on most situations as well. I’ve had conversations with people who are always feeling down. It’s draining. The conversation can change your mood, and effect how you’re feeling the rest of the day.

JOB: Tired of your job? Try being fired, laid off or without a job…I’m sure you’ll appreciate your job then. Motivational speaker Dani Johnson says to become an “employee-preneur” at work.  This means “starting to practice the skills of an entrepreneur while being employed by someone else. So when you walk into your place of work, treat the place as if you own it. Start adapting to the entrepreneurial mindset. You own the place — where there’s ownership, there’s a higher level of commitment.” For more on Dani and her book where she educates on this mentality and how to use this to your advantage for promotions at work visit this article by clicking HERE.

Here are some tips on relieving stress. Try them:

-Surround yourself with positive people

-Have ME time and relax


-Focus on things that make you happy

– Listen to inspirational songs ( I like, “Hope” by India Arie, “Alright” by Ledisi, etc “Go Get It” by Mary Mary)

– Perform random acts of kindness.  Many studies show it elevates the mood of both the person doing the action as well as the person on the receiving end

-And of course, write positive messages in a journal daily

Share this blog post. Tweet and Re-Tweet this blog. Post and Re-post this blog on Facebook.  Let’s start this positive movement. Start writing your Positive Pages today! We want to INFECT the world with positivity. We want your input. What should we call this positive movement? Write your suggestions below.

Now go ahead and tell me something GOOD that has happened in your day so far. As for us? We’re passing on some positive energy to all of you 🙂

More to come on this movement, stay connected to this page.

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~Paradise is in your mind! There’s hope! It doesn’t cost a thing to smile…You don’t have to pay to laugh…You better thank God for that! ~There’s Hope, India Arie

*Co-author: Candice Arzu


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