Bereolaesque talks Gentlewoman, Addresses Critics, and More!

gentlewoman 1“The Best dates are free.”

“Women without pets are coming home to dogs. Release the leash.”


The aforementioned are just a couple of my favorite tweets from Best-selling Author, Enitan Bereola, II, who we also know as Bereolaesque.  His much-anticipated book, “Gentlewoman” is now available on Amazon and is already #1 in the Motivational, Self-Esteem and Creativity category.

In our conversation, Bereola addresses critics who have a problem with a man giving advice to women on etiquette. He also defines “Gentlewoman,” gives his take on the phrase “chivalry is dead,” and reveals if he’s always been a gentleman.


Tune in to the Conversation.

gentlewoman 2

Part 2

gentlewoman 4

Part 3

gentlewoman 5

What are some of your favorite quotes from Bereola? Do you agree with his quotes?

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