Conversations With Caprice: Billionaire P.A. of Wealthy Minds

I caught up with Billionaire P.A.,  designer of Wealthy Minds Clothing,  and spoke with him about his mission “to infect over 1 Billion people with SUCCESS, MOTIVATION, & WEALTH.”

When I stepped into the “Wealthy Minds Compound” I was greeted with a checkered wall replete with dreams written by everyday people. Most of us take advantage of our walls in our home. We simply paint them and maybe post a photo or two, but to see a wall of dreams was innovative and inspirational.  Billionaire P.A. says the Dream Wall inspires him, and in turn, it helps him inspire others.

Aside from his clothing line designed with inspirational quotes,  Billionaire P.A.’s single, “Too Much Faith“, which could be downloaded on iTunes, is another way he speaks to the masses and encourages them to stay positive.

We chat about how he turned his life around from sleeping in a car for 63 days to becoming a clothing designer and motivational speaker.  Throughout the interview he inspires the viewers with his quotes and positive energy.

Listen in as we “Speak Dreams Into Existence”:

Purchase “Too Much Faith” by Wealthy Minds on iTunes.

Twitter: @Wealthy_Minds

Facebook: Wealthy Minds

Twitter: @AshleyCaprice

Facebook: Ashley Caprice

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