The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl

So here I was thinking I was the only girl who performed music videos in my car, wrote crazy rap lyrics, act like I’m on the phone when I don’t feel like being bothered,  and a lot of other “weird” moments but NO…”I’m Awkward…and Black.”

I’m SO glad I was introduced to the webseries,”The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl” created by Issa Rae.  The series has been featured on CNN, Essence magazine, and countless other sites. I watched the show and became an instant fan.

Fortunately, I made the cast of the Halloween episode! I’m sure people would expect Issa Rae to be awkward in person, but she was very cool and down-to-earth. She conversed with everyone and made us all feel comfortable. It was great to work with her and I was glad that I was apart of this amazing production.

This is a great show for anyone! If you think you’re “weird” (which I’ve been called pretty much by everyone in my life)…or if you have some “quirks” then you’re probably just like any other everyday person. This show actually makes me feel…normal! And I’ve realized we’re all awkward in some kind of way.

Enjoy Episode 10 (Part II)

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