Ashley Caprice Presents Community Spotlight: #HashtagLunchbag

When I was younger my mother would take me with her to feed the homeless on the streets or during the holidays with the Salvation Army. So when I heard about #HashtagLunchbag,  a movement dedicated to utilizing social media to bring awareness to and eliminate hunger needs in local communities, I had to get involved.

I spoke with the founders of HashtagLunchbag, Ajay Relan and Felicia Alston, whose mission is to inspire others to come together and join them in their efforts; and people are doing just that. Locals in New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Vancouver, and other cities have already participated in this ongoing movement and the volunteers document the process on their social networks . This is proof that social media can be used to inspire other people to give back.

Tune in to the interview below where the founders open up about what inspired #hashtaglunchbag and how you can get involved.

“small actions mixed with lots of people can empower a BIG CHANGE.”

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  1. OMG who is your camera man, they are awesome… less the zooms! lol I think Hashtag Lunch bag will continue to inspire many others into doing more for their community over time, and that, I am happy to see! 🙂
    ~Pernisha G.

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