Go Girl Ep. 130: How to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy to Manifest the Life You Deserve+ How to Set Intentions Instead of Resolutions

Hey, girls!

As we prepare for 2023, it’s time to get serious about the life you deserve. We often set resolutions that we tend to break a few months later. I’m excited about today’s guest because she shares how to set intentions instead of resolutions! We discuss how to dig deeper into who we are, how to trust ourselves, and how to use energy feminine and manifestations to create the life we want.

Jocelyn Kelly Reid is here for one major mission: to lead women towards making a big impact to get rich, work less, play more, and fall in love with life.  The turning point that called her to where she is today – including becoming an asset manager, leaving a toxic relationship, landing herself in debt, and moving through a spiritual awakening – is one that is beyond relevant for so many of us.  Her story highlights the day-to-day, coming of age we all move through as we navigate our careers and relationship to money.  She works with women to expand their feminine energy, to become more magnetic in order to receive what they desire from life and bring forth their manifestations.

Listen in as we discuss how to tap into your feminine energy in order to receive everything you want!

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