Go Girl Ep. 118: 3 Signs You Need To Take a Mental Health Day + How to Prevent Burnout

Hey, girls!

So I felt guilty this week.

I took a day off.

To rest.

And I had the nerve to feel guilty! Society has instilled us that we need to work til we die, hustle hard and sign up for team no sleep. We end up exhausted, overwhelmed, and having issues because of stress from trying to do it all.

It’s okay to slow down and rest. I’ve had a couple of life transitions (listen to the episode to hear my updates), so my routines changed and I had a little anxiety. Change can be stressful.

Well with the help fo my therapist, I decided I needed to chill. I needed to rest, relax, and recharge. I needed a me day.

So I took the day off…well, really I took a half day because you know, I’m hella loyal! But I enjoyed my time.

In this episode, I’ll share what led to me taking the day off, 3 signs that you also might need to take a mental health day, and some practical steps to prevent burnout.

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