Go Girl Ep. 116: How to Have a Healthy, Interdependent Relationship Ft. Mama Caprice

Hey, girls!

So we’ve talked about codependency for the past two weeks and it ain’t over! This week I decided to bring in my mom aka Mama Caprice, because she grew up in a generation where they were pretty much taught to be codependent. The golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” sums up the way she was raised.

So we decided to bring psychotherapist Eunice Virgen back on to the Go Girl podcast to have girl talk about the misconception of the golden rule, and how to have healthy codependent relationships. In case you missed it, we recently discussed the signs and how to heal from codependency, and 12 challenges for codependents. Now we’re digging a little deeper.

Follow Eunice on Instragram @EuniceDaTherapist and email her as she’s accepting new clients: evirgentherapy@ashleycaprice

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