Go Girl Ep. 103: How to Break Up with a Friend, How to Maintain Your Adult Friendships, Red Flags and Boundaries in Friendships

Hey, girls!

The Go Girl podcast focuses a lot on the relationship we have with ourselves or our romantic partner, but it’s important to water the relationship we have with our sister circles.

I actually cried during this interview as I thought about my own friendships. Life transitions happen, so sometimes I feel a little disconnected from my girls, but today’s guest shared some incredible tips!

Friendship coach, Danielle Bayard Jackson, teaches women how to create and sustain meaningful friendships. In this episode, we have girl talk about red flags and boundaries to set when building a new friendship, how to maintain your current friendships, or how to break up and gracefully let go of a friendship that no longer serves you.

Be sure to stay connected: @GoGirlMovement @iAmAshleyCaprice Also available on iTunes.

One comment

  1. Another great episode! 100% effective discussion on how to maintain, nurture or set boundaries in your friendships! Thank you Danielle and Ashley!

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