Go Girl Ep. 101: Your Type Might Not be Right For You

Hey, girls!

Do you have a “type?” Does he have to be tall, dark, and handsome? Does he have to have an Ivy league education and have a 6 figure income? Do you like a bad boy or a nice guy?

A few guys on another podcast called Russell Wilson a cornball and said wondered how could Ciara go from dating Future to dating Russell. It’s called growth! So in today’s episode I want to talk about how your type might not be right for you. Typically we choose a partner who feels like “home,” but what if your home was chaotic?

Tune in to hear how to attract the partner who’s right for you, and the characteristics to look for when choosing your mate. Looks matter, but they fade. Character is real.

Be sure to stay connected:  @GoGirlMovement @iAmAshleyCaprice Also available on iTunes.

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