Go Girl Ep. 99: How to Accept Yourself and Stop Judging Yourself

Hey, girls!

The biggest lesson I learned on my self-love journey is that life happens and there will be moments where I judge myself instead of give myself grace. But true self-love is learning to accept yourself despite any flaws, mistakes, or shortcomings.

I skipped an episode last week and I was so hard on myself. It’s like all of my consistency beforehand went out the door and I was disappointed that I did not release a podcast. Girl, what?

I paused, gave myself some grace, moved on and released an episode this week.

Listen in as I give tips on how to accept yourself, and not judge yourself. I also open up about why I missed last week’s show. Life happens.

Be sure to stay connected:  @GoGirlMovement @iAmAshleyCaprice Also available on iTunes.

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